Potatoes & Onions and The Big Apple. NYC: Day1.

I have been waiting for this trip for 5 years! Mini and I decided when we were about 13 decided that our Mums would take us to New York when we turned 18. This was all because of our obsession with Lindsey Kelk’s naff chick lit ‘I Heart New York’ which features the trendy hipster life of Brooklyn and sophisticated Upper East Side/ Wall Street antics.  Now the time has come to see though our extensively planed trip which is pretty much based on this book, and of course, Gossip Girl.

new york gals

We arrived at Heathrow around 1ish and settled for champers and lunch at Gordon Ramsey’s ‘Plane Food’ restaurant. Quite different from our evening meal, lets just put it that way… It is weird how today, taking photos of your food and obligatory selfies have become ALMOST socially acceptable in posh restaurants. 

gordon ramsey


You’ve really gotta dress up when you go to the airport, no matter if you are flying Easy Jet or economy class BA. A cheap Primark hat for £8 really did the trick for me yesterday. Mini stated ‘monochrome is my life’ when we were discussing airport outfits, and the art of perfecting the perfect brows. Makeup wise, I decided to ditch the cat eye liquid liner for some soft brown kohl and some bronzy eye shadows. This is to avoid the dreaded smudged black eye make up fiasco on a long haul flight.

flight makeup

Eyeshadow: MUA ‘Twelfth Night Pallet’- available at Super Drug for £4.

Lips: Soap and Glory pink lipstick I was given ages ago, Which they probably don’t sell anymore, but I reckon you could find a very similar light pinky colour.

Eyeliner: Boots Natural ollection brown eyeliner- Available at Boots for £1.99… cheap as chips.

Face: Benefit Oxygen Foundation Ivory- I was using a sample because I am currently looking for a new foundation, but you can get it in Boots or other department stores for around £20. I also have on the standard Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ concealer and blush.

We arrived in New York around 6.00PM (NYC time), after lots of red wine and some pretty poor plane food and headed on into town. Our plan was to get some food and head up the Rockefeller building, but because it was a Sunday night, almost everything was closed. It got to about 10:00PM, which is about 3AM (UK time) and we still hadn’t been fed! In the end, we spotted an Irish pub and though that they know not to close early on a Sunday! As we walked in they were playing ‘Fairy Tale of New York’… perfect soundtrack to our New York movie! A lovely Irish waitress told us to power on through the jet lag and stay awake until 12PM. We ordered chips, (and yes they brought us chips not crisps!) onion rings, a baked potato and some french onion soup with a token green salad… a very random selection of potatoes and onion. It felt a little like going to a kebab shop after a night out, not very chic or what we were anticipating but gave us the perfect comfort food to climb up the Rockefeller building. Apologies for the shitty photos my brain was barely functioning!

irish pub

comfort food nyc











Amazingly, just as we were walking out the pub, the Saks building’s light show was starting in a few minutes so we managed to catch that before our travels up the Rock!


And… the queue for the Rock was tiny! We literally just waked straight up and saw the amazing sky line, in the first few hours of our arrival in America. The shutter speed was a bit slow as it was around 11:30PM by then but I’m just going to say that it was purposely done to make it look more ‘arty’… It is all very Christmassy around here, as you would expect, the Rock’s tree was very sparkly.

Top of the Rockefeller

Rockefeller Christmas TreeTop of the Rock

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