Empire State and Truffle Tremor. NYC: Day 2.

My advice to you is if you are visiting New York and you want to go up the Empire State building, you should go the first morning of your trip. This is because even though you have tried to combat the jet lag by staying up until 5AM (UK time), you will still be wide awake around 7AM (NYC time), which gives you plenty of time to head up the Empire State missing all the queues leaving plenty of time for shopping, lunch and nails.

Empire State View

Well… that is exactly what we did, the view was amazing, I think that it was pretty impressive that we had been in NYC less than 24 hours and we had seen the skyline in both day time and night! Personally I wouldn’t bother with the audio guide, but the Mums did enjoy them. My favourite building I think its the Chrysler building, it is so beautiful.

empire state

After the Empire State we had a quick coffee stop so I could abuse the free WIFI and Mini could do some Italian grammar. And then headed along Broadway past Times Square and into Grand Central for some lunch. We did try the ‘Oyster and Wine Bar’ downstairs but unfortunately they didn’t have any vegetarian options… probably because it was an oyster bar. Instead we settled for some New York pizza with a southern twist in ‘Two Boots’. The two  different boots symbolise the boot of Italy and the boot of Louisiana.

times square

grand centralgrand central








We decided on some post lunch shopping and headed off for Macy’s down Madison and Park avenue. Mini and I walked ahead slightly and were pretending like we had just walked out from one of the apartments… a bit sad I know. Macy’s was packed so we only really looked around cosmetics, I didn’t buy anything there but I was given a sample bag of the new ‘Makeup Essentials’ range, which we discovered is related or rather pretty much identical to the ‘Victoria Jackson’ range. We did stop by ‘Victoria’s Secret’ for a spot of Christmas shopping which was fun! I pointed Mother Christmas in a few directions…

madison ave









In need of some pampering after are long old day shopping and site seeing we set off to find somewhere were we could get our nails done at Forest Nail Spa in Midtown. It was very cute, all four of us sat in a row attempting to be Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. I went for O.P.I’s ‘Lincoln Park at Midnight’ it’s a really dark purple colour which looks almost black.

nails IMG_2983












Empirestate, Times Square, lunch, Grand Central, Park Avenue, Macy’s and nails. Now was time for some posh nosh.  Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria was our restaurant of choice, and probably the highlight of my day. This restaurant was very much ingredients driven, and I reckon any meat eater could have ordered what we had and been completely blown away.  Mushrooms appeared in all three courses; crispy artichokes, ricotta & hedgehog mushrooms and a amazing platter of seared wild mushrooms (probably the best I’ve ever!) to start. And some roasted Gnocchi with more mushrooms for main, before the cheese of all cheeses! Now for all you anti goat’s cheese people out there, or even anti cheese people… do not rule it out until you have tried ‘Truffle Tremor’. Make in California and probably only available in the US, ‘Truffle Tremor’ tops all the cheeses… Ever! Perfect with gallons of red wine. This restaurant provided the best meal I have ever had, all I can complain about is the temperature of the room… but I think I can let that slide.



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  1. Chardonnay & Samphire says:

    Absolutely agree on the goats cheese – I am not usually its biggest fan, but with truffles it is awesome. The mushrooms sounds amazing too as does the “skiing” red wine. Looking forward to hearing about your next exploit xxx

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