The Subway and Cocktails. NYC: Day 3.

Really, it was only our second day in NYC, so we decided that we would try and hack the subway, however it wasn’t all that easy. Reluctantly, we tried to ask various stern looking New Yorkers but as you can probably guess they weren’t very helpful, until we came across a nice lady who managed to shout across the platform which direction we needed to go in. You may think that the subway is not too dissimilar from the Tube, however the uptown/downtown is nothing like our northbound/ southbound. The quaint lines of the London Underground have been replaced with a strange letter, number and colour system… not very easy to understand for us poor tourists. And I do have to say that the Tube is far cleaner than the Subway.


Eventually we got to the ferry port for the Statue and Ellis Island. The boat ride was very cold, and there is not much to say about the Statue apart from it’s very large and green. We managed to brighten it up – the boat ride not the Statue – with our attempt to get a group picture . This pose is known as the ‘no face pose’ according to Min, although taking a selfie on my laptop, on a boat proved problematic.


statue of liberty


Photo on 16-12-2014 at 14.51 #3







We had dinner with a friend from back home who is currently living in New York and she suggested we went for cocktails at The Mondrian in Soho. I decided to have an ‘Air Mail’, a limey honey white rum cocktail, which was lovely… We do seem to be breaking the drinking laws fairly easily in New York which is helpful. Dinner was in a cute little restaurant run by a Frenchman and his wife who is Malaysian called Aux Epices. Again, dinner was complemented by lots of red wine causing us to stumble a little on our way home.















High waisted grey jeans.. not going to lie – they are my mum’s old ones.

Stripy French Top: New Look, last season.

Patent black Docs which have a slight heel.

Dark red, YSL lip stain and cat eyeliner.


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