Upper East Side. NYC: Day 4.

Pretty much one of the main reasons we came to New York was to gain some insight into the life of Gossip Girl, aka the Upper East Side. We headed on the subway up to Lexington Avenue… not really what Blair would have done but still we got there in our hats and heeled boots and had a traditional diner breakfast in ‘Lexington Candy Store’ which apparently is Paul McCartney’s local when he is staying in New York. I really did feel like I was in Luke’s although New York is just a little bit bigger than Stars Hollow… I have to admit that the start to our day would not have been approved by Queen B, but unfortunately some of us can’t afford to have brunch at the Palace and be driven in a private town car… we still looked the part and that is the most important thing.

lexington candy store



After Brunch we headed for the Met steps. Surprisingly enough there wasn’t a yoghurt stand, but sitting on the steps of the Met was good enough,  although we probably should have sat a little higher up. For a bit of culture we stopped at the Temple of Dendur, there is some latin graffiti by the Romans which was highly amusing. We also went to the Anna Wintor gallery to see the ‘Death Becomes Her’ exhibition featuring a classic quote about black clothing being timeless… very true indeed!

temple of dendur

temple of dendur graffiti

the met steps










After the Met we took a walk around central park and spotted various Gossip Girl locations, in particular the arch where Chuck and Blair were married/arrested. It was nice to see the ice skating rink, but I wouldn’t bother going on the ice if it is chocka block because  there are plenty of ice stating rinks in England and the view of Manhattan is hidden. Plus the prices of skates are ridiculous, best to bring your own.

chuck and blairs wedding siteAfter a pretty sugary breakfast, we decided that a health cafe would be a good idea and not very hard to find on the Upper East Side. We walked down 5th trying to decipher who was a native socialite and who were rich tourists. The Candle Cafe is completely vegan, perfect cleanse from our huge portion of pancakes. We had a selection of fresh juices and edamame beans to start, and I had the ‘Mezze Platter’ which had a beautiful date chutney and some spicy hummus. I’m not going to deny it, we have eaten very well in New York.

candle cafecandle cafe







For a really girly evening we headed to a patisserie before the Broadway showing of ‘Mamma Mia’ and had Madeleines and macaroons. The café was called ‘Ceci-Cela’  which according to Mum has the best cup of coffee in New York (she was not too impressed with American filter coffee’). ‘Mamma Mia’ was lots of fun, a definite feel good show. I would also advice to get a ‘holiday cocktail’ if you are going, it really does get you in the ABBA mood! The cocktail was basically a huge coffee cup full of champagne with a drop of orange juice and grenadine… we were a little wobbly when we got out the theatre.

mamma miaIMG_3088

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