13 Reasons You are a Commitment Phobic Vegan

So you’re a vegan. You’ve been persuaded by Gary Yourofsky’s ‘Best Speech Ever’, cried at the horrors of Earthlings, and been outraged by the facts presented in Cowspiracy. Yet, your vow to never eat animal products again has never followed through. Lets face it, it’s hard being vegan, and sometimes you just really want some cheese on your chips that’s not made of tofu.


1) Don’t lie, you’ve all been on one of those guilty midnight cheese runs… but sorry, who actually likes vita life?

Night cheese

2) That leather jacket you waited ages for and got for your 16th birthday… It’s vintage darling!


3) Also the French don’t understand vegetarianism, let alone veganism.


4)And then there’s those pesky biscuits Mary brought into the office.


5) Do prawn crackers at a Chinese restaurant reaaaaally count as fish?

prawn crackers

6) And FYI that wine your drinking… most likely isn’t vegan, it’s got some sort of fish bladder in it.


7)And you know what tastes really good with wine…

Cheese 2

8)Until the next day when you realise most pain killers aren’t actually vegan.


9)This is when Freelee would tell you that Raw Till 4 will cure all of your bad habits.


10) But it’s okay because you only binge out once in a while, and you still just want to eat ALL OF THE VEGETABLES.

no veg

11) Because you don’t want Tim Shieff to be like


12)  And that would be bad because Tim=Vegan God.

tim shieff

13) But in all seriousness do your bit and don’t get too worked up about being 100% ethical, life is too short.


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