I Don’t Like Animals, But I’m An Ethical Vegan…

For the lady who said to me “To be honest love, you are preaching to the wrong person. I’m not a fan of animals and I like the taste of meat”.


For those of you who have known me for a long time, you’ll know I have never been an ‘animal lover’. I was never into dogs, cats, or wanted a pet- I was more into Barbie and Disney princesses. In fact, as I got a bit older I even joked about being Cruella De Vil

It’s hard to believe this now, because I have been vegan for over two years and have started to take part in vegan outreach and animal activism events. Yes, for most of the vegans I know, they are vegan because they are ‘animal lovers’ and they don’t want to see something that they love suffer in anyway. The thing for me is, I don’t really ‘love’ animals, I never have and I probably never will. If a new born puppy and a new born baby were brought into the room, I wouldn’t look twice at the puppy and go straight for a cuddle with the baby. And yet, I’m vegan?

What I am trying to say here is that, when you see something suffering you know it is wrong. You could probably go as far to say, you can hate someone but still want to help them if they were in pain. Call me a raging hippy all you like but we all know that humans don’t like to see suffering. Take a look at how angry we get when there is a world disaster, and yes I’m sure there are a lot of you who eat meat, dairy and eggs but were outraged by the Yulin Dog meat festival. But, you were outraged because there was suffering being inflicted upon a helpless being, human or other.

The sad thing is that, these meat, dairy, egg, and fashion industries are so deeply engrained into our society that people prefer not to think about the suffering that actually goes on. So we only think as far as meat and cheese coming in a packet, not that it is or has been taken from another being. The media makes this very easy with ‘happy meat’ and ‘free range’ and ‘humane slaughter’. We don’t want to see, even think about the suffering of these animals that we consume, because we know that it’s wrong.

That’s why, I think, you get people like me saying they are ‘not a fan of animals’ to justify their consumption of animal products. But I don’t think you can really use it as a justification. The connection is still there. You can still empathise with suffering even if it is the suffering of something you do not ‘love’.

So, if you really ‘love’ animals and still eat them and their bi-products you might want to have a re-think. An if you are not really that bothered like me, do you want to be the kind of person who supports suffering of any kind?

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