Barefoot in Oslo

Yesterday morning I started my trip ridiculously early on the commuter train to London, Gatwick. I think, I was the only one exited to be on it. I was a little worried that those third pair of shoes had made my bag too heavy, and I’d booked my flight through some scammy airline, thankfully it was all okay.

The hostel that I am staying at is right by a mountain- I presume it is a ski resort in the winter as there were funny markings and cables running through the trees. I asked the guy at reception how long it would take to climb, he said about half an hour but I was walking for at least two (in converse and a maxi skirt) and the summit wasn’t in sight. Although it didn’t matter because the trees were so pretty.


Day two, I didn’t sleep until stupidly late because it doesn’t get dark until midnight which resulted in missing breakfast. I headed into Oslo central determined to tackle the city without google maps.

I managed to find my way to the palace, which by the way is no where near impressive as ours. Stopped off at the national gallery, cathedral and history museum where I could spend as long as I wanted looking at all exhibits (history is cool okay…)


 I had a weird Scandinavian fruit Corner and some grapes in the palace gardens  and was just thinking how surprising it was that nothing had gone wrong until I got up, tripped over my own feet and broke my flip flop. I ended up, barefoot at what is the equivalent of Harrods, (red carpet and all) and bought the cheapest pair of shoes I could find which turned out to be Havaianas, let’s hope they last longer than last summer’s Accessorize flip flops.

Onwards and upwards I took a stab at working out Oslo’s tube system and trecked over to The Vigeland Sculpture Park, which is basically a huge park full of naked statues in some quite, let’s say, awkward positions…